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Motor Babies Provides a Baby Boost Bundle for MONTH-TO-MONTH MOTOR DEVELOPMENT 

In Each Bundle You Will Find:

  • An informational card providing you with the milestone expected, its window of achievement, and exercise instruction. 

  • Quality toys, specifically selected to target the gross and fine motor milestones, which are paired with the instructional card. 

Tummy Time Bundle

We also offer a separate Tummy Time Bundle, specifically focused on Tummy Time activities that are crucial for your baby's development. Targeted at months 0 - 4 you will receive everything your baby needs to succeed in Tummy Time.


My Motor Babies Reduces Anxiety and Confusion

Babies develop at their own pace. Knowing each child is different, you will learn what to expect with each phase. Our mission and goal is to educate and provide a strong understanding of your baby's development.

As always, if you notice your baby is having trouble reaching their milestones in a timely manner, you should discuss this with your pediatrician.

Mother and Baby
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