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This Bundle was created to help your baby succeed through the phases of tummy time. 


The Tummy Time Bundle includes an instructional card (not shown) plus a "target toy" for each phase of tummy time. The instructions and goals you will receive in the Tummy Time Bundle include;


Phase 1 (0 -1 months) - Help your baby lift his/her head up from the surface briefly; and help your baby turn their head to clear their airway.  


Phase 2 (1 - 2 months) - Help your baby strengthen neck muscles to be able to lift his/her head up to 45 degrees.


Phase 3 (2 - 3 months) - Help your baby be able to lift his/her head up to 90 degrees and bear weight through their forarms. 


Phase 4 (3 - 5 months) - Help your baby extend both arms and bear weight through open palms.


Bonus  - Card included for prevention of neck tilting as your baby develops neck control. Target support item included.


It is important to note; TUMMY TIME SHOULD START AS SOON AS YOUR NEWBORN COMES HOME! However, this Tummy Time bundle will be beneficial for any baby within the window of 0 - 4 months. Do not wait any longer! 


Tummy Time Bundle

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