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Babies grow and change at such a quick pace! Stay on track with our Baby Boost Bundle, Months 3 - 4! If your child does not fit into the age bracket of this Baby Boost Bundle, please note, age does not matter! What matters is the skill set at which your child is developing.


In this Baby Boost Bundle, you and your little one will work on developing and strengthing the following skills;


Month 3 Gross Motor Skill - Help your baby gain strength to be able to pull up to sit with head control.


Month 3 Fine Motor Skill - Help your baby develop the ability to grab and hold with purpose.


Month 4 Gross Motor Skill - Help your baby bear weight through their legs. 


Month 4 Fine Motor Skill - Help your baby reach for a toy with both hands at the same time.

Baby Boost Bundle, Months 3 - 4

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